Did the Resurrection Surprise Satan?


(Once again I began musing during Sunday School. This is a little scattered;)
So jump to the New Testament. Satan knew that Jesus was the Son of God. So much so that he tempted Christ, right? And the Messiah was promised and prophesied that he would be killed and raised on the 3rd day. So I never really understood Satan’s motivation for Christ’s crucifixion. What do I mean & where am I going with this rambling?

I knew that Satan wanted Christ killed to silence Christ since I was a child. The whole from the murder of the babies when Christ was born and Judas with the betrayal, etc. But that was an “official” thing to me because Satan was Christ’s enemy. Because I was raised with the whole story, I never could wrap my head around the fact that Satan didn’t know the whole story too. That Christ would have to be killed in order to be resurrected and save everyone. Satan knew the prophesy, knew God, and knew who Christ was. So why would he want Christ crucified to be resurrected?

It wasn’t until I read the death of Aslan and the next day in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that I really had any idea what Satan might have felt at the crucifixion. The White Witch wanted Aslan killed be the sin of Edmund had to be paid according to the rules of Deep Magic. Aslan’s sacrifice just meant she got to take him out of play in her mind. But when Aslan came back to life the next day he told Lucy and Susan that while the witch knew the magic, she didn’t know the deeper magic.

I saw the parallel between Aslan and Christ and realized that while Satan knew a lot about God, way more than humanity did, he didn’t know it all. There were deeper truths. Upon Christ’s sacrifice, He would be resurrected and we could all be saved. I think it surprised Satan. I think he also rues the role he had in making it all happen.

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  1. Hi, NerdMom, I totally agree. Satan is quite intelligent, I am sure. He is after all, God’s creation… However, he didn’t understand that he was losing by winning the destruction of Jesus’s body. He couldn’t destroy Jesus’s love for us, and he must have been as ignorant as the Pharisees and Saducees. Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and I’ll rebuild it in three days.” He said, He was the Son of God. I am sure satan knew God is indestructible. He’s been experiencing that for what seems like an eternity so far… 🙂 You know those guys who are so smart, that they are dumb? I think that is what satan is- a dumb smart-alec! Thanks for this post. Come visit me at my blog. God Bless, and Happy Easter. I’ll look for you in Heaven.

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