Rummino Review

Here at the NerdFamily House we are huge gamers. To the point that NerdDad and I spend some of our date nights playing board games;). So I was excited when we received our copy of Rummino to review. It is a rummy dominoes game. This game is great because people of all different skill can play it and it can become as easy or as hard as you can make it. So everyone in the family can play it!

The basic game play is just to put down tiles in order to get points. You can get points for a run or a group of the same number. Then the next player can add on to yours or just play off of it! With 1 tile you can change the whole game;). I really like the fact that you have an entirely new game each time you play so it doesn’t just become boring strategy.
I think that Rummino would be an awesome family Christmas gift or a gift for just that fun friend. Go check it out and let me know what you think!
(This was an FRN Review)

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