Top Chef Vegas: Let the War Begin!!!

Hey everyone! It is time for one of my favorite Top Chef challenges: Restaurant Wars!!! I think how the teams are broken down are going to make all the difference. If we were to end up with 1 team that had both brothers, Jennifer and Mike I that could totally make it a blow out. But let us see how it all plays out!

Quickfire Challenge:
As the chefs head into the quickfire challenge we see guest judge, Rick Moonen. There is a knife pull for a Tag Team Cook Off. Jennifer gets first choice. Michael gets second choice. Jennifer takes Kevin, Mike I and Laurine. Michael takes Bryan, Eli and Robin. They have to make 1 dish in 40 minutes. Each chef will take a turn cooking for 10 minutes and then the next chef will take over. They can’t talk and they are blindfolded until they cook. I have to say that I am surprised how smoothly everything seems to go in both teams. Jennifer explains the dish with the wrong type of fish. Both teams dishes were good but winning dish was the blue (Jennifer’s) team.
Elimination Challenge:
They will be using Moonen’s kitchen which is 2 floors and 2 kitchens. They will not be responsible of the decor. Who every is in charge of the front of house has to be responsible for 1 dish also. The blue team can decide to let their $10 grand prize, that was to be split, to let it ride and if they win they will each get $10 grand.
Laurine is going to be front of house for the blue team. The blue team has also decided to not do a dessert. The red team is planning on going modern American’ restaurant and doing a dessert. The brothers start fighting over what Bryan can do for dessert. Eli will be doing front of the house. The red team’s name is Revolt and the blue team is Mission. Mission chose the fine dining restaurant (vs the casual restaurant).
Mission Menu: Asparagus & 6 Minute Egg, Arctic Char Tartare, Bouillabaisse Consomme, Seared Trout, Pork 3 Ways, Lamb with Carrot Jam
Revolt Menu: Chicken & Calamari “Pasta”, Smoked Arctic Char, Duo of Beef, Cod & Billi-bi Sauce, Pear Pithivier, Chocolate Ganache
Laurine seems very interactive with the wait staff and Eli seems to also be very hands on. Mission seems really behind but you never know if that is just how they feel or the reality.
Service and Judging:
The judges are seated first at Revolt’s restaurant. The first knock is on the name. Revolt’s first course chicken was well received but the char is thought to be 1 dimensional. The cod was melt in your mouth but the beef wasn’t super impressive. They also wish it had been served hotter. Then Michael and Robin start fighting in the kitchen. Robin was cussing at him because Michael was trying to take to much plating control. Tobey really liked Robin’s dessert. The ganache was good and silky. Rick liked Eli as front of house.
Then the judges hop over to Mission. The judges seem a little shocked that there aren’t desserts on the menu. The char was lacking salt and the asparagus was a little boring. Then there was a lag on the second course. But it isn’t clear if it is a front of house problem. Laurine also doesn’t give any explanation of the dishes. The dishes are disappointed in consomm√© and the trout was not good. The sauce broke. I can’t believe that they had her do 2 dishes in the same course. There is also issues on getting the lamb cooked to the right temperatures. The judges think the lamb is to rare.
Based on what we saw, the Revolt team has to win. I think Laurine or Jennifer is on the chopping block. Kevin thinks he is going home.
First up the judges want to see the members of the Revolt restaurant. They won. Tobey made it clear that he wasn’t a fan of the name. The winner was Michael. He got $10 grand which he wants to split it with his team. Then the other team went in to the judges. As they are getting ready to go in Mike I says he wished he would have done front of house. The judges thought the asparagus was ok but the char was a bit inconsistent. Jennifer was steaming the mussels and clams to order which explains the wait and why they were under done. Tom told Jennifer the sauce on the trout was broken and she didn’t seem to know that. The trout itself was also a huge mess. The lamb was under done. Laurine didn’t seem to have any ownership of the lamb (should have sent it back) and she didn’t explain any of the food. Laurine had told Tom that she would send back any lamb that wasn’t right and then didn’t. They liked Kevin’s pork dish but he did send out that lamb dish. In the end the judges sent home Laurine. I think that was the right call. But Jennifer and Kevin seemed to both be ready to go. Jennifer was tearing up over the whole process.
So who will get cut next week? I hope Jennifer straightens up and flies right because I really think she has what it takes!

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