Science Fiction…Should it be real?

I saw this interesting post on Slashdot called Is Science Fiction the Opiate of the Geek Masses?. Now while I am a nerd I am not a geek but being a Science Fiction fan I read on. I was introduced to the Mundane SF. This is a movement that says Science Fiction should be based on legit science. The details are somewhat laid out in Why Play These Tropes and Not Those Others. I find this very interesting but, I have a couple concerns. SciFi geeks already focus on the details of current scifi and how things should work. An example….Questioning the warp drive in Star Trek or the beaming technology. Since it is science infused fantasy there isn’t any point and they still do it. Now being type A myself can you imagine the neurotic mess scifi fans would be in trying to make sure the true science always agrees. And how long would it take to get up to speed on a new series. Would I have to buy a book on whatever science discipline it was based on? Now the other side. I was raised in a law enforcement family (mom’s a criminoligist and stepdad was CHP) and I love the Law & Orders and CSi’s. A big part is I understand a lot of procedure and the thinking. I love science so would I enjoy true scifi even more? Could this get a whole generation more science literate? If so, can that BE a bad thing?

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