Secrets of the Stars

Ever wonder how the stars keep everything in place? Well this is one of their greatest secrets. I finally broke down and bought some when I was pregnant with my last child. I had some very cute tops but I don’t know what the designers thought when they made these neck lines. They must figure if you are pregnant you must be a loose woman because that is how you got into this;). Now that I have had the baby I am still using it. It is a nice thing to use so you don’t have to wear a tank, fear slight slippage of the neckline, or (the one I know we all have done) use safety pins to make sure there isn’t gapping. I have put it from shirt to bra and shirt to skin. It works great both ways. It comes in individual strip that you can cut or use the way they come (a couple of inches long). Now I have no idea why I waited to very long. I will never have to safety pin again!

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