Should Israel Pay to Support Auschwitz?

I didn’t realize that today was International Holocaust Remembrance Day (versus Yom HaShoah which is in April and I am very familiar with) until I was reading my newsletter from the Jerusalem Post. Of course there were a couple pieces on today’s events. So as I was reading something odd jumped out to me.

At the same time, a study published on Thursday showed Israeli, Polish and German citizens believed that Israel should take part in funding the preservation of the former Nazi camp, whose buildings and artifacts are in need of restoration.

Ok, really? Is it just me or does the idea that Israel should fund the upkeep of Auschwitz seem dumb? So the idea is that concentration camps should be maintained so that the events that took place will never be forgotten. So maybe the countries that did the doing so be doing the maintaining. I think if Israelis personally want to donate money to the upkeep that is one thing but to put the responsibility for that on Israel as a nation. Well, I don’t know. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

So do you think I am way off base? I am a big girl, let me know what you think!

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  1. Hmmmm, that is really odd that Israelis would be expected to fund the restoration and upkeep. Creepy even. I can’t help but think that Auschwitz is a tourist draw and it would be in Poland’s best economic interest to take care of it. Why else would you go to Poland, right?

  2. I would agree with you. The countries responsible for the holocaust and that awful place should pay for the upkeep. While, of course, Jewish people should donate money if they feel called to do so I would say that they should NEVER be compelled by anything other than themselves to support that.

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