Smart Strategies for Outlet Shopping

We all love the idea of outlets but do you have a good strategy for shopping them? With a little planning you can get great deals and have fun!

1. Know where you are going and what stores they have! Let us not head out to hit a store that has been gone for a year!

2. Coupons?!?!?! Some outlet centers like Premium Outlets (The people who run Gilroy) have center coupons and also post sales on their website. Also many of the stores will have coupons too. I have gotten coupons from Coach and Lane Bryant Outlets.

3. Have a list with the sales prices you can get at home! The outlets don’t always have the best price! You can even download a pricing app (like SavvyShopping) and price compare right there.

When I was pregnant with my first child I was one of many at my church;). So we were all shopping for baby stuff! One headed off to the Carters outlet to get a bouncer that a few of us wanted. She came back empty handed…. Come to find out it was cheaper to buy it at Mervyns (yes, it was still around;) on sale than at the outlet!

4. Make sure they even carry what you want. Some outlets like Lane Bryant carry most set items but it may not be the thing you are looking for. If you are going for a specific thing just call and check!

Last year I made a point to stop by the Tulare outlet for the Lane Bryant outlet in order to buy my favorite bras. I figured that I would get a great deal and I needed them for a trip. Guess what, they didn’t carry the 1 style I specifically stopped by to get. I never checked… Smooth on my behalf.

5. Have a budget and stick to it! It is easy to get all excited that you might get a great deal because it is an outlet and over spend. But the outlets are not super close to us and returns are hard to do. So it is better to under buy!

6. Have a great shopping day! That means planning meals and breaks!!! If you are shopping all day without a break you will be tired, cranky and possibly hurt yourself;). And take a friend to have fun with and to help with accountability.


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