Smurfs Dance Party Review

My Girls: Shaking it to the Smurfs!

Do you know what I love? I love it when I can give my kids something they view as a reward but I know is a tool to get what I really want;). That is what I got with the Smurfs Dance Party video game!

I gave this to my kids as a back to school gift but they only get to use it when their homework is done. So when their homework is done they get to have the physical education that they dread so much. Oh wait, no they get to have a dance party!

As a mom I love this game even beyond the manipulation aspect;). I have had a really hard time finding dance or music games that are truly family friendly. The Smurfs Dance Party truly is age appropriate! The music and the movements all seem really G rated. I have kids at all levels so the fact that each dance is rated for both effort and difficulty is great. You can find some easy dances that really get them moving. That really gets the wiggles out. I also love the fact that all 4 kids can dance all at the same time!

And here is my confession, I love to do it with them! Yes, I feel just a touch silly but the kids absolutely love the fact that I dance with them. It is amazing how special it can make them feel when you take 3 minutes out of your day to play.

I highly recommend the Smurfs Dance Party! It would be a great gift that a family would love to receive!

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