Sound Pantry, Sound Mind

The Pantry Before

Ok, I struggle with my pantry. On one hand, if it isn’t clean I get a bit stressed out. An organized pantry is a sign of an organized heart and chef. But on the other side, it is so very easy to have the pantry get so messy that it takes hours upon hours to clean it out. My life had major turmoil this last few weeks and I exorcised it by cleaning out the pantry!

I also wanted to clean it out before all the holiday sales and holiday parties hit! Now I can put plates of finished food in there and I have cleaned off all my counters by putting many small appliances in the pantry!

And it is finally clean!!!

4 thoughts on “Sound Pantry, Sound Mind”

  1. Oh I envy your big pantry! I don’t have anything like that, just a 2-door freestanding cabinet from Target that is always overflowing! Great job!

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