Theology Thursday: Why Celebrate Hanukah

Ok, why should we celebrate Hanukah? We have Advent, Christmas and New Years coming up. Do we really need another holiday?

I won’t start with the whole Jesus is Jewish so we should keep Jewish holiday bit (I will save that for another time). And yes, I am clear that it isn’t even in the Bible.

But… there is always a but.

Why wouldn’t you, or any God believing person, not celebrate Hanukah? The primary purpose of Hanukah is to celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness. And who among us doesn’t need to be a little more conscious and grateful?

Hanukah is celebrating the end of a rough period in Israel that falls between the Testaments of the Bible. The evil Antiochus Epiphanies had come to Jerusalem, ruled harshly and desecrated the temple (yes, this is the abridged version;). A band of Jews led by Judas Macabee ( the Hammer;) defeated the evil does and retook the temple! But there was a problem! Within the temple there was a lampstand that was to burn 24/7 and there was only enough oil to last 1 more day. It was going to take 7 days to get more. Alas, a miracle occurred and the oil burned for 8 days and nights. God performed a miracle!

So why wouldn’t one celebrate Hanukah? We celebrate God’s goodness and miracles for those who are faithful to Him! And who doesn’t love a holiday where where you eat fried foods such as latkes and donuts to celebrate the miracle of the oil?

Happy Hanukah!

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