Step Off Freak Show

So today I was out shopping with the Nerdlings running errands as we have a habit of doing. I had the NerdPud forward facing in my wrap and the other 3 kids walking. As we got a cart this older woman walked up to us. She started talking about how cute my kids were and started touching all of them, the older ones on the head and the baby’s arm’s, head and hands.

Back to the story in a minute but, what is up with all the touching? As I tell my kids, keep your hands to yourself people. I have no idea who you are and where your hands have been but I can tell you that my baby’s hands are probably going in her mouth. So keep your cooties to yourself!

Back to the story: So she goes on about how cute and wonderful they are and then she says that NerdBug (6 year old) must not be one of my gang. I say of course he is mine, then she points out that he has brown eyes. I just say that his eyes are like his dad’s while the rest are like mine. She went on to say about her grandkids all being older (17 and 20). Then she reiterates how cute they are. Then she says that she just came from the library where she saw a woman with 4 boys and a baby girl, with one of the boys holding the baby. So she said that she asked if she could hold this baby and the mom was shocked and said “No Way!”. She asked if I could believe that the mom said no. I said yes and nothing else while silently thanking the Lord that I chose to put NerdPud in the wrap instead of the basket. The lady went on to say how she told that woman that if she was afraid of germs that the library was the wrong place to go. I politely smiled and said if she missed holding babies that Valley Children’s Hospital was always looking for people. I then went into the store where she followed me around the produce department. Luckily that was all I was getting.

I was so shocked. There is no way I would let some stranger somewhere hold my kid of any age much less a baby. Am I just paranoid? I just can’t imagine. So now I have vented and I am off to make a bottle for the baby.

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