Stores That Suck

So I have been doing a little online shopping lately and have had some not-so-good experiences with at least one being my own fault because I should have known better. So I am sharing so a)I can vent and b)you out there in the blogosphere can be warned.

First up is Walmart. I was looking to buy a specific stroller for the NerdPud, Jeep All-Weather Umbrella Stroller – Ice Pink. I looked around and the cheapest brick and mortar was Walmart. Well, none of them actually had it so I decided to order it. Now I should have gotten it from Amazon (since it was $2 bucks cheaper). I assumed that Amazon was going to charge shipping and handling but come to find out (at least now) that would have been free. So I decided to do Walmart’s Site to Store. I have used this a Best Buy and it is always faster since you are going distributing center to store. The website said 7-10 days but usually those are worst case scenarios. Well, apparently it takes a Walmart truck 9 days to drive what takes the rest of us less than an hour and half. According to their website my order was on a truck to be delivered at the local store on 4/27 and it didn’t get delivered until 5/5. That was for a trip from Porterville to Sanger. When I called the Sanger store to ask if they had it (you actually have to wait for the system to email you before you can get your package) I was told that they couldn’t help me and couldn’t give me any other number where I could get help or information. I will never use the Site to Store again if I have any other option.

The second store is I shop there regularly to get NerdDad’s lactose intolerance pills. While I am there I always see what else they have on sale in order to get the free shipping. So I found this great deal (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) on a Clairol temporary hair coloring product. So I put them in my shopping cart and had to get up and do some things. You know how it goes, dinner and bedtime for the kids, but that is the beauty of online shopping. Well, I come back to finish my order and my cart has been changed. They were now (versus before when I checked) charging me for each hair coloring kit. So I drop them out of my cart and went back to the coupon page. Well apparently while I had gotten up the coupon expired (I assume). There was nothing about expirations on the page at all and I had no warning. I would have finished shopping earlier if I had been given any warning. So I dropped all the hair coloring and the conditioner that I had added. I ordered only the medication I needed. I am extremely annoyed!

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