Tackle It Tuesday: Pantry Clear Out!

You know those things you never get around to? You know, the ones that drive you crazy but you just don’t seem to make time for? My pantry is one of those things. Well, Sunday while I was running a couple of errands NerdDad started clearing it out. I finally finished it Monday afternoon;). It is amazing the amount of junk I have in that pantry. The blue bins hold baking. decorating and freezer packaging for food. Then there is all the food, oy! I was amazed how much I actually had to throw out. I have been very convicted to cook out of my pantry and freezer for the next few weeks/months (my freezer is just as bad;).

But at least for today I will feel good that the pantry is finally done. I will feel guilty about the rest tomorrow!
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  1. Cleaning out the pantry is something I always put off doing. However, once it's done it's such a great feeling.

    Your pantry looks great!

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