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The Avengers Are Out on DVD!!!!

Did you realize that Marvel’s The Avengers came out on dvd this week? Well I did! And I bought it! I think this seals it, I am an awesome mom;). Ok, this wasn’t really about the kids but they are benefiting from NerdDad’s and my geekness.

Now my kids had already been introduced to the awesomeness that is The Avengers when we all went to see it in the theater. We all immediately agreed that this would be a movie we would have to own. As the commercials started up the talk continued.

Then I heard that Walmart had this awesome app that had augmented reality in it so of course that meant we had to go to Walmart;). Since we knew our Walmart wasn’t going to be one of the ones with special Avengers Character appearances on Saturday Sept 29th. So we went after a long day of choir and science. The kids were so stoked! We went in with the plan to find the 6 character cardboard cut outs with the codes on it. You scan it with your phone and then you get 3 questions on each one that help you find out which Avenger you are.

The first thing we did was go to find our dvd set! The kids wanted to grab the first set that they saw. But I took them around to the other side of the display. The kids didn’t realize that there would be the option of a comic book. They were excited to say the least. But in full disclosure… they still haven’t gotten their mitts on it yet. NerdDad isn’t done with it yet;).

We went off in search of the character displays and quickly found out that our Walmart didn’t have the displays. The kids and I were disappointed because we wanted to see the cool stuff but we found other fun;). We decided to wander around and check out the toys. I think the Hulk hands were the big hit. I still am wondering if they would fit me;). I mean, I can be angry for Halloween.

Tuesday is my long day. So getting pizza for the kids was just as much a treat for me as it was for them. They were excited to get to pizza to begin with. They were even more excited to get to pick out one with an Avenger hero on the box! Ironman won 2 to 1 and 1;). One kid wanted the Thor all meat and one wanted the Captain America pepperoni.

The kids didn’t know that the augmented reality app worked with the pizza box! You scan it with you phone or tablet and you can see a scene from the movie. You can move and see it from all angles as long as you keep it in focus. The characters don’t move a lot but it is the bomb! the kids are chuckled in delight and I obviously found it worth documenting;).

We settled in to eat dinner and watch the movie! Have I mentioned that I love Black Widow in The Avengers? Joss Whedon did a phenomenal job with her as he does with all his female characters;).

We even had a special Avengers themed dessert. True I bought a flat pack of premade Jello that I used in them but did I mention that Tuesday is my long and crazy day;). I paid $2.58 for 12 cups of Jello so I had some left over. It was a great night!

I bought a movie that I love for me and my kids think that I am a rock star. What could be better;)?

Are you interested in Marvel or The Avengers? Then you can check out the Marvel site, follow them on Twitter or like the Marvel Facebook page! You can also check out the exclusive DVD/Blu-Ray/Graphic Novel pack at Walmart.

You can also see my full shopping experience over on Google+!


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