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Food Links 11/12

There are some interesting articles out there in the food work this week! Here are a few things that caught my eye!

The LA Times says that the price of Thanksgiving dinner has jumped 13% which is the highest jump in 2 decades! My costs don’t seem as hard hit as theirs but I am a sale shopper!

The Washington Post Lifestyle section has an article about the possibility of small farms making a substantial difference in the hunger problem. While I don’t want a tax credit for gardening, I do believe that small farms and community gardens could change the world in many ways!

Wired has a piece on the EU Parliament. They are banning most farm anitbiotic use. It is an interesting piece and I wonder what the effect will be in the US both in our farming methods and in trade.

Foodie Links 10/15

It is a busy week! So I just have a couple of interesting links this week!

The Huff Post has An Open Letter to Starbucks. It is an interesting letter from a homeless person and the role Starbucks plays in their life.

The University of Georgia got a 1.2 Million dollar federal grant to study the nutritional value of pecans.

Cattlemen are exporting cattle to Russia. It is a very interesting yet odd concept in the NY Times.

Food Links 10/1

Over at the Huffington Post a physicist thinks he may have cracked the barbecue secret!

The Denver Post has a really interesting article about Haute Cuisine Fueling the Foodie Culture, even for those of us who don’t eat all that fancy but are foodies.

CJOnline has a piece that talks about the Listeria outbreak in Colorado.

At Science Daily there was a really interesting piece about some new flavors of Peruvian cacao that the USDA is identifying. There is a mention that those flavors might marketed in the future like wine.

Last but not least, Food Network is running a little butter or sour cream poll going on. Which do you like on your baked potato?

Food Links 9/24

Happy Saturday everyone! There is always food news beyond recipes so here are just a few links to things going on in the food world! Prohibition was not only a foodie issue but an issue that changed America. It refined the black market and almost created the Mob. I am interested to see Ken Burns take on it. Apparently it is debuting today on the iPad and the beginning of October on PBS. I am off to download the PBS app and get it! Tuscaloosa News has an interesting piece about how the Alabama immigration law is impacting growers. The growers are appealing to lawmakers to do something to help.

Tuscaloosa News has an interesting piece about how Alabama immigration law is effecting growers. And we all know that what effects growers also effects food prices! The growers are pleading with law makers to help!

Meredith Fineman has the (UN)Milk Guide. She has become lactose intolerant and just wants a little something for her coffee. It is a good piece looking at actual milk substitutes.

That is just a couple of interesting non-recipe pieces out in the food world!

Foodie Links 9/3

Here are a few interesting bits I found around the blogoshpere this week!

Yea!!! It sounds like potatoes are going to be considered good for you again!

So is the way to a man’s heart through his stomach? If so, this cologne is perfect;).

HuffPo has a piece on a week in the life of Artisanal Butchers. I find that whole concept kind of fascinating.

Did you know that the FDA doesn’t have a definition of “Gluten Free”? That is mind boggling that there has to be a regulated definition to begin with. It should either have gluten or not!

Foodie Links: The Premiere Edition

Welcome to the 1st edition of my new weekly food links! There is so much more to food than just recipes and once a week I am planning on sharing with you all!


SFWeekly has a piece on Tacko, the WASPiest Taco Shop in Town (Maybe Even the Country). I am so planning on hitting it when I go to San Francisco next!

eHow Food has a great video called White Wine Demystified!  It gives a great run down on different types of white wine!