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A Little Airport Food

I really try not to eat in airports. I find them pricey and usually not that good. Add to that my wheat free diet and I have issues. But I had a fair amount of time in the Nashville airport and I spotted the Real Nashville. Little did I know that it would be the last time I would get a chance to eat until 12 hours later;). It was ok, not as good as I hoped but better than I expected;).

A Little Dinner Out

So tonight we stopped at Red Robin in Turlock on the way home from the family Christmas celebration.
Did you know that they have a gluten free menu? I got a mushroom burger on a gluten free Udi’s bun. It was pretty good! I should have gotten mayo on it though;). I got the fries without the seasoning (the seasoning has gluten;). The strawberry daiquiri helped with the slightly dry bun;).

Airport Eating

So while SFO has wifi and no where to sit while plugged in. So I had to sit on the ground against the wall while working and eating my lunch (no, not bitter). The up side, the Boudin stop in the food court! I found that if you get it to go you get them like this. The awesome part is that they came separately, that way I could actually dunk my entire bowl into my broccoli cheese soup!

Awesome Restaurant Idea

There is an article in the LA Times about a interesting restaurant concept. Forage in the Silver Lake neighborhood in LA is actually fulfilling their name. They are taking local produce and letting that dictate the menu. And when I say local produce I mean the dude down the street brings in a bag of whatever he has grown.The neighbors who participate can get gift certificates or free food. The chef also shops at the local farmer’s market (we know how I love these) but loves to take what ever foraged food he is provided for on the spot creativity!

I think that is such a cool idea!

(HT: Mark Bittman)