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Eating Out Deals Week of 7/9

There are great dining out deals this week!!!

Chili’s is doing another kids eat free deal!!! Just print off the coupon and then you can take in your kids for free meals from now through July 11, 2012. You can get 2 free kids’ meals for every 1 adult entree.

In other big dining out news…. Friday is Dress Like a Cow Day! If that doesn’t mean anything to you don’t worry. It is a big deal at Chick-Fil-A. Every year you dress up as a cow and get free food! How dressed up you are determines how much free food. A partial costume gets you a free entree while a full outfit gets you an entire meal!

I don’t know what the temperatures are like where you are but it is very hot here! A perfect time to take advantage of these deals and stay out of the kitchen!


To celebrate the Fourth of July and to encourage togetherness, Starbucks is giving away coffee! This is part of their #Indivisible campaign that is asking everyone to come together in spite of party or affiliations. Just go in July 4th and receive a free 12 ounce hot brewed coffee! They as if you tweet that you use the hash tag #indivisible amplify our collective voices.

Eating in Charlotte

This past weekend I went to the Type A Parent Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference was phenomenal but as a side note so was all the food I had at the local restaurants! I had no idea the food would be so good!

The first night I went to King’s Kitchen on Trade. It was good but not phenomenal like a couple of other places I went. I had to get the sweet tea, of course, for first night in town;). I also got the steak with green beans, potato salad with dill and the cheese grits with bacon. I also had some cinnamon ice cream that was really good.

The next night we went to Aria on Tryon. I got the most heavenly prok chop on a bed of truffle polenta with fava beans, peas, brussel sprout leaves and pork belly in the most yummy pan sauce. I didn’t lick the plate but I thought about it;).



The third night I went to Harvest Moon Grille. I had seen this on a tv show before so I was stoked to try it! It is a farm to table restaurant with a heavy emphasis on pork!!! And we all know how much I love pork;). So I got their local peach salad, pork chop and crustless bacon cheese cake. It was all really yummy!!!

I also admit that all the food may taste just a little yummier because I was eating it with some really great people who were a ton of fun! But on the whole Charlotte rocked the food scene!

Now I gotta get off the computer because I am hungry!

Eating Out Wisely with Kids

Ok, eating out with kids can get pricey! With 4 kids, one of which is an almost 11 year old boy, we don’t eat out very often but when we do we try to use some of the kids eat free deals. Various places have these deals but you have to pay attention to the times and limitations. Some offer you 1 free kids meal for each adult entree and some offer 2.

World Sports Cafe has a deal for 2 kid’s entrees free per 1 adult entree beginning at 6 pm on Wednesday nights.

Sweet River Bar and Grill has a Kids Eat Free night on Tuesdays all day. They do one kid’s meal free for each adult entree purchased.

Various Denny’s restaurants across town have a Kids Eat Free deal. According to all the ones I have checked with it is Tuesdays and Saturdays from 4pm -10pm. They will give you 2 kid’s entrees for every 1 adult entree purchased. Check with your Denny’s just to make sure.

El Torito does their Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays! They do 1 kid entree for every 1 adult entree purchased.

Chevy’s has Kids Eat Free every Tuesday. They also do 1 kid’s entree with every adult entree. The nice thing they do is sometimes they will consider an appetizer as an entree. I personally always got the Chicken Flautas before I went gluten free. And the kids’s meals include dessert;).

Marie Callender’s does Kids Eat Free on both Tuesday and Saturday! They do 1 kid’s meal per 1 adult entree. The kid’s meal even includes a piece of pie!

Cattlemen’s has a deal that is a little different. If your child is wearing their Jr. Cattlemen shirt (which is $9.99) they can eat free. They also eat free the day you buy it. It is a 1 kid’s meal to 1 adult entree deal so it is still limited.

Chili’s also does a Kids Eat Free deal but it is based on a coupon. You sign up for their e-club. Then every so often Chili’s will email you a coupon for Kids Eat Free, about once a month. Usually it is for a Tuesday but sometimes the coupons will span a few days. You can get 2 kid’s entrees for every 1 adult entree. And we have had the 2 for $20 count as 2 entrees towards that deal!!!

Mimi’s is doing a Kids Eat Free promotion for the month of May. Only for the month of May kids eat free on Tuesday night from 4pm- close. It is a 1 kid’s meal to 1 adult entree deal.

There are some great deals that really do help make it affordable to take the kids out! So what do you do to make eating out with kids affordable?

Starbucks Secrets and Deals

First, the deal! Starbucks is bringing back the Happy Hour deal. According to their website the is happening May 6th-May13th but according to signs at my local Starbucks & people I know who needed a fix today, here it started today! The Happy Hour special is 1/2 price Frappucinos from 3pm-5pm.

Now the secret;). And it may be a really good secret;). It is the Starbucks secret menu, one that employees may look at oddly if you were to order off of;). I may have to go in and order 1 of these drinks just to see if it works!

via That's Nerdalicious

Chili’s Kids Eat Free Coupon

Chili’s is once again doing their Kids Eat Free program!!!! They have a coupon that you need to take in order to get the deal. It is good from today until April 11, 2012.

I like Chili’s food a lot but my favorite thing is that you can get 2 kids’ meals for every one adult entree. That means we can go and get all 4 kids fed for free! And usually they will let you do the 2 for $20 deal to count as your 2 entrees but not every time. Check with your server.

Now go have a special night out with the kids!!!