The Buyer Bewares on Layaway

Layaway sound delightful but it doesn’t come without issues. Buyer must beware!!! And there are lot of layaway options that are more economical and just better money practices.

Buyer Beware:

1. Start up fees! Some stores have fees associated with setting up layaway. Some are percentages (like Best Buy) and some are flat fees. Sometimes that goes toward the final price, sometimes it is just a paid fee.

2. Some stores have a cancellation fee in addition to the start up fee. So if you find it for a better price or just end up not having the money, you are still out some money!

3.These may not be the best prices for the season! Some stores will offer price matching through out the season but some won’t. Plus you have to take in the new ads with lower prices and convince them to adjust your layaway price, if it is even an option. Last year Walmart did advertise the price adjustment.

4. Layaway may not be the best deal on top of the prices! There are great cash back deals. I use Shopping Portals, coupons, and credit card rewards.

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