The DNC: Really Classing Up the Joint

Apparently I have been wrong in my feelings that the DNC convention and all the liberal protests surrounding it will be a tasteless show of their ill will toward any people who have morals. This is evidenced by the fact that in the many crazy activities going on that week Public Enemy will be gracing everyone with a free concert.

The band’s performance was announced Monday, along with three speakers who will bolster the efforts of the activist group Re-create 68.

For those unclear on the slant of Re-create 68, the are also sponsoring speaker Cindy Sheehan.

Here is a glimpse of the band, for those who aren’t familiar.

Led by rapper Chuck D, Public Enemy is a pioneer of political hip-hop with groundbreaking albums such as 1988’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and 1990’s Fear of a Black Planet. Chuck D continues to comment on issues both in song and in the media, including a radio show on Air America Radio. His sidekick, rapper Flavor Flav, has struggled with an addiction to crack cocaine and has starred in the reality TV show Flavor of Love.

(HT: Bridget Johnson)

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