The Frustration of the Double Standard

I really dislike double standards but I realize that they unknowingly happen. You find yourself holding the older child to a different standard than the younger, etc. But once it is pointed out you fix it, right?

Not the Democratic Party.

While I do not disagree per se on the bombing of Libya, it amazes me that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc support it. After all the rhetoric that has been spewed from the left about Iraq! At least we had reason to think that if Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that he would come after us. And that is in addition to the fact he was torturing his citizens.

So will the people who elected Obama stand up to him and his ilk? So much of the election rhetoric hung on us not doing things just like Libya!

I could rehash some of the most recent crazy rhetoric. But instead I am jut going to point you in the direction of some posts that have done it for me.

Do you think I am wrong? Do you think it is a double standard?

Jim Treacher asks Remember when bombing Muslim countries was a BAD thing?
A Chequer-Board of Nights and Days writes So Much for Principles
Adam Freeman at Ricochet has Hilary: The Multilateral Exception to Congressional War Powers


One thought on “The Frustration of the Double Standard”

  1. Double? I’d say 19 to 1. That’s how many UN security resolutions were violated before Bush formed a larger coalition and took action against a guy who was shooting at our planes in that no-fly zone, but this was seen as way too preemptive and unilateral…

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