The NerdPie turns 3!

So this week has been kind of crazy. Last Saturday was NerdPie’s 3rd birthday. Instead of a party she got a ‘girl’s day’ with mom (as I am battleing morning sickness). So we went shopping and our to lunch. She was immediately excited because we took Dad’s car instead of the minivan. We went to the school store to get her some ‘big girl’ preschool books. She loved it. Then we went to ToysRUs. It was a mess. We walk in just 20 minutes after it opened and it is already a mad house. They send out a little card that gets the birthday girl a balloon and crown (also a coupon for mom) so we went to customer service to do that first. They had a long line so the lady told us to come back later. So I go to put NerdPie in a cart (there was no way I would go through a toy store with her walking) and she melted down. A)She wanted to get into the large Power Wheels from the movie Cars and B)she isn’t a baby. I settle her and we proceed through the store. She tries every display and looks at every toy. So we go back to the registers. The reason that there is chaos in the store is that the registers scanners aren’t working. So they type in the numbers and then have to have someone on the floor go find the price. In the midst of this the NerdPie gets her balloon and crown. They announce that it is her birthday so people walk up and wish her a Happy Birthday. Of course they ask her how old she is and she tell everyone 6 and that she is going to the kindergarten class at church.

We then go over to JoAnns to get some butterfly wings that she loves. She then asks to put them on. I say later at home, after lunch. She then says she wants to have lunch at home. It takes 10 minutes to convince her that she can’t just go home and put them on so she decides she wants to go to Applebees. I should have taken a book;). We get seated and they give her a little color book and crayons. She is intent on it, no talking to me, no looking up. But lunch went great. They brought her ice cream and a balloon. They then began singing to her. She was so cute and got embarrassed. And then a first happened, she wouldn’t take a bite of her ice cream. About 2 weeks ago she over ate at a resturant and threw up, ice cream was the last straw. So we are at her lunch and she is insistant that if she eats it she will throw up. It was so sad and cute all at the same time. We left and everything was great.

That night she had a princess cake (recipe will follow) and open all her gifts from us, a friend and Grandpa. I asked her if she would have rather had a party and she said no. So I guess the whole day was a home run and very cute!

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