Too Much?

So I am uber boring but I want to break out;). So I saw this super cute flower for only $1 at Claire’s and I figured if I never got up the guts to wear it I could always give it to NerdPie. But I wore it today! My girlie side has been jumping out all over lately;). I haven’t worn a flower in my hair since 4th grade and they were on my bobby pins. So what do you think? Too much?

0 thoughts on “Too Much?”

  1. I noticed it this morning and though “man oh man, J is getting girly!!”

    But you are fancy 9 times out of 10 anyway. :)) It was cute.

  2. nope. I love it! I have been doing the same recently, it just glams you up a little bit… I made a bunch for me and my babe, and am planning on making a bunch more! I already have the flowers!!!

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