Top Chef Finale Part 2 Recap!!!!

So here we are to find out who is going to win Top Chef. I am rooting for Carla but Stefan has a really good shot.

On a separate Top Chef note. I was watching this week’s Iron Chef America and Arianne was on as a sous chef.

So they start out having breakfast on the Creole Queen paddleboat. Then they go meet Padma and Tom at the New Orleans Collection. The challenge is to create a 3 course tasting menu. It is going to be served head to head and they don’t have to do dessert. They have 2 hours of prep the first day and then 3 hours to cook day of. They brought in Richard, Casey and Marcel from the previous seasons to serve as sous chefs. They had to pull knives to choose sous chefs. Carla got to pull the first knife because she won the last challenge. I would have thought she would have gotten to choose first. Hosea got Richard, Stefan got Marcel, and Carla got Casey.

Then Stefan and Hosea were fighting over foigras. Casey suggests that Carla suvee the sirloin, which she has never done before. Hosea realizes that Casey is throwing in her influence. But I notice he didn’t bother asking Richard for any suggestions.

So day of they find Tom at the restuarant they are cooking at. He is standing in front of an aligator. I am calling a new course. They have to make and appetizer for a tray pass. They will use alligator, crab or red fish. They will use the King Cake to choose. It is a cake that has a prize in it and who ever the prize gets to choose everyone’s protein. Hosea got it. He chose red fish for himself, gave Carla the crab and gave Stefan the alligator.

Stefan is making an alligator soup to pass? What? Now Carla is doing a soup but it is a bite in a Asian spoon. Maybe Stefan is doing the same basic thing. Hosea is not making a dessert because he isn’t good at it and doesn’t want it to be the last thing he serves. Stefan is freezing the fish so he can slice it thin. Marcel doesn’t like that idea but I don’t think he said anything. I think Carla shouldn’t let Casey talk her out of the tart and into the souffle. Carla and pastry are good. Carla ruined the souffle because she forgot to turn the oven down. I thnk that is the end for Carla.

Hosea: Trio of Sashimi, Scallops & Foie Gras with Pain Perdu, Venison with Wild Mushrooms
Carla: Seared Snapper with Saffron Aioli & Crouton, Sous-vide New York Strip Steak with Potato Rod w/Merlot Sauce, Cheese Tart with Apple Coins & Marmalade
Stefan: Halibut & Salmon Carpaccio, Squab with Braised Red Cabbage & Schnupfnudeln, Ice Cream & Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Syrup & Lollipops

Serving and Judging:

John Besh is one of the guests!!! Fabio is also a guest. Hosea’s passed app seemed to go over well. Stefan served his alligator soup in a little mug. Both Stefan and Carla’s dishes seemed to go well. Then we go onto the plated food. Carla’s fish went well. Hosea’s didn’t do well. He didn’t add enough salt. Stefan turned his fish a bit watery because he froze it. They also thought Stefan’s was a bit bland. Then onto 2nd course. Carla’s steak didn’t go well. Stefan’s went really well. Gail loved Hosea’s dish. Someone thought Stefan’s dessert was the best. Gail thought it was outdated and Tom thought it was eh. Fabio thought that Hosea closed the meal better. Someone else thought that Hosea should have finished with a dessert and that he took the safe way out. Between the steak and dessert, I am pretty sure Carla is out. Since Stefan’s dessert didn’t impress Gail or Tom, I am afraid that Hosea is goign to win this one.

Now onto Judging Table. Tobey thought that Carla’s meat wasn’t her and wasn’t that good. Tom said she let Casey talk out of her out of making the food that got her to the finale. Tobey said that Hosea didn’t add enough citrus to his sashimi. They all liked his 2nd course. They all liked the venison but seemed to be dissapointed about dessert. They thought that Stefan’s fish was watery and bland. They all liked his squab and thought it was the best of the night. When they asked why they should be top chef, Carla cried a little and said when she makes her food she is a top chef. Stefan also started crying for Carla. As soon as deliberation started they said that Carla was out. That just makes me sad, my heart hurts for her. They all think that Stefan’s dessert was pedestrian. Hosea’s procession was good. Tobey really was hung up of the fact that Hosea’s meal didn’t have an ending. They thought that Stefan’s missed soul though he had precision. Tobey said that if you are giving it for soul, give it to Carla. I second that. I feel Carla is the Top Chef here!!!!! But unfortunately Hosea won:(.

I don’t think that Stefan wouldn’t be the easiest to get a long with but he is consistantly good. Sometimes you can afford a huge ego because you really are that good. Hosea, I think, sucks. As both a person and a chef. Carla has the most heart but wasn’t consistent and I believe in constistancy. I think in all fairness Stefan should have won not Hosea at all!!!

I will see you all next week for a little reunion snark!

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