Hell’s Kitchen 2/26

I wonder how long Seth is going to make it because that team hates him. Also how did Colleen and Lacey even get on the show?

So Ramsay walks in and asks each team who the best are. Some of them are surprised when a couple say that they are. Why? If you have ever seen Ramsay, he only wants the people who think that they are the best.

Their challenge is to open for breakfast in 30 minutes. They are serving a bunch of kids. Each kitchen serves 50 kids and the first to serve them all wins. The red was serving the cheerleaders and the blue was serving the football players.

Colleen got into the cheerleading spirit by cheering instead of cooking. Koi said she would take pancakes because she isn’t good at breakfast. Pancakes??? That is something you want someone who is experienced to do. Seth seemed to have a hard time keeping up with the scrambled eggs. The girls finally won one!!! This puts an even bigger target on Seth’s back. The guys got to clean the dining room and both kitchens. Then they had to prep both kitchens for service that night. The girls get a day of pampering poolside. Before punishment the boys went back to the dorm and started fighting. Yea, that’ll help.

Then we get to service. The prep wasn’t finished when the girls got there. So when the orders came in the guys didn’t have the water seasoned or boiling for the appetizers. Now on the girls side, Koi tried to get ahead by dropping food early. Then the guys never got the girls’ sauced prepped so they had to wait. Andrea took control of the red kitchen and things started going out. It took the guys 2 attempts to get the red kitchen’s sauce done (Ben ruined the first one and Danny re-did it). Then the blue kitchen sent out salad with the butt of the lettuce (I call it the core;). Then Ben messed up the lamb. Colleen and LA are not getting along on the meat station. Danny had issues with the garnish and that was after he said he was the best. Nothing was really going well and Ramsay ended up losing it. There was no winner and both teams must nominate 2 people for nomination.

The guys nominated Seth and Ben. Lacey said the girls named Colleen and Lacey. So Ramsay asked her if there was anyone worse that night and she said Koi. Ramsay said that Ben rushed around to much but he was staying. In the end he sent Seth home. Then Ramsay moved Lacey over to the men’s team and they don’t seem happy.

This is going to start getting interesting!

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