Unknowningly Calling Them To Return Home

This poster was put out to 7,000 churches by the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) so that more Hispanics will participate in the census. I find it hilarious that the only problem that Washington Post seems to pick up on is the use of Christ for a secular purpose. It isn’t until you land at the Corner (or actually were I started) that anyone points out the real crux of the matter.

Mary and Joseph were returning to the ancestral home ie leaving where they immigrated from. So really this poster is saying that all immigrants should return home. I find it hilarious that the Reverend who is heading up the boycott (because of the using Christ and God for vain, non-worshiping purposes) doesn’t seem to remember the actual Christmas story and what Mary and Joseph are actually doing.
But at least they printed most of them in Spanish;).

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