Watch Bono!

So I hope;) everyone who remembers my post on Bono at the National Prayer Breakfast. Well, I now have the video. I will warn eveyone that it is about 20 minutes but I feel well worth it.

I really appreciate his (what I hope are changing) views on believing in God but being cynical of organized religion. I think through all this he (and I hope others) see the power in the community in communion with God. While I have gone through my own issues with churches I believe in them and that I need to be in one. Churches are made of people, all of which are flawed and some (including me) are extremely flawed. This means that there will be failures of the church but hopefully there will also be successes. I also think we need to remember that many people would, like Bono, rather turn to the MTV people and shows than deal with hypocrisy. So we need to be aware that we (Christian or not) are always portraying our beliefs or lack of faith in them.

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