Weekly Geeky Love

Tevatron data suggests new, unknown particle—but not the Higgs (via ARS Technica) Can you believe that an accelerator that is coming up with such great data and possible discovery may be shutting down soon due to lack of funding?

So am I the only one who is curious as to Kevin Rose’s new venture? Well, wonder no more! (Via TechCrunch)

There is a great interview with Bruce Boxleitner for the release of the Tron movies on BluRay! (via Hero Complex) While I liked Tron (the 1st one, haven’t seen the new one) and Babylon 5 but I will forever love Scarecrow!!

Ok, I have a problem with 3D tv. I think it sounds cool but between the glasses and everything, it just doesn’t seem practical. But things may be changing. Apparently quantum effect fuels color fast holograms (via New Scientist). This may be a huge step toward glasses free 3D tv!

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