Wordless Wednesday: GingerBread Lessons

This Christmas had been a mess of chaos, joy and lessons (go check them out here). In the chaos I didn’t have the time or stamina to make the gingerbread house. So NerdDad had the awesome idea to just hand out the pieces to the kids to decorate. So we just used canned cake icing to base coat the panels. Then I gave them each a bowl of different types of candy (1 bowl per person so they could keep the germs from sticking their fingers in the mouths;) to decorate. I picked up chocolate covered seeds, M&M’s and mint meltaways from Winco to add to the candy that came with the kit. We didn’t want to give them any of the hard candy because they would have a hard time eating it. These are just the oldest and the youngest’s creations. Then those were their panels to eat.
I have to say, I thought the kids would be very disappointed if I didn’t do a gingerbread house. I do it every year and then they spend a week eating it. They had a ball doing this! They seemed to enjoy the fact they did it more than any gingerbread house I made. Apparently I am once again putting my own pressure on me in other people’s names;). This was such a big hit even if I do a gingerbread house next year I think we will also be doing this!

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