Lesson from a Tree

This year was a crazy Christmas. I am once again recovering from surgery. As far as the surgical sight (versus any problems from having the tube down my throat) this is my worst recovery so far. Which has had a large effect on our Christmas because I couldn’t do many things that I normally do for Christmas. I couldn’t do all the baking, decorating, and going (Christmas Eve service, Christmas Tree Lane, etc) that I usually do. Of course I had big guilt and stress about the idea of ruining the family’s Christmas.

Well, this year’s Christmas tree is going to serve as part of a reminder to just let go! Do you notice that there are only decorations about 2/3 the way up? Because that is as far as the tallest kid could reach. That is right, my kids decorated the tree all by themselves. And they loved it! NerdDad and I sat watching as they put them all up. No the decorations aren’t even but who cares!
Make sure you pop over to my food blog and see the results of my similar gingerbread lesson;). The gingerbread solution is going to be repeated every year!

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  1. The kids will probably remember the one year that mom and dad let them "decorate" the tree themselves! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I'm right there with ya. I'm headed for operation #2 in Jan. That's 2 operations and a blood transfusion in 6 months. No wonder my blog had been a plethora of complains.

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