Write About Us, Mommy!

This morning I was sitting with my 4 year old while my older 3 were in dance class. See the older 3 take Irish Dance every Monday morning. I take a little job for me, this week sorting out expired coupons. The baby (Yes, I understand she is 4 but she is still my baby;) takes her Pocket V-Smile, a book and a snack. It is a great opportunity to some time all alone with her every week.

So this week she and I were talking about what we were going to do when we got home. She wanted to play on the computer while the older 3 did homework. I said I was going to work on my computer and blogs. I asked her what I should write about today. She replied, “Us. Write about us, mommy!”. So I asked her is she meant her and her siblings and nope. She meant her and I.

She wanted me to write about postcards. When I asked who we should make postcards for she kind of surprised me. She wanted me to tell everyone that Mommies should make and give postcards to their kids. When I asked why she said, “Because you love me, silly mommy.”

So all of you mommies out there. Make a card or note and give it to your kids! Just because you love them!!!

PS. Yes, it won’t be long before NerdPud has a blog all her own;).

3 thoughts on “Write About Us, Mommy!”

  1. How cute! I used to write postcards for my children all of the time and secretly slip them into their backpacks so that they would be surprised once they arrived to school…..but then I stopped somewhere along the way. This was a great reminder my children telling me how the postcards made their day. I really need to return to do that for them! Thanks for sharing!

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