Yes, I Have a Problem

This week’s Monday Mingle is all about technology! You find out about my computer collection problem and my internet addiction;). Oh, I changed where the camera is, so let me know if you like the angle better. (And ignore my messy house behind me;)

0 thoughts on “Yes, I Have a Problem”

  1. Your church has WI-FI? Cool.
    pay as you go ROCKS!

    But I think it would be neat to have a smart phone.
    I LOVE the internet too!! The access is WONDERFUL!!!
    Which is why sometimes I wake up early to blog and comment…
    Online is wonderful!
    go to another neighborhood to connect to internet?HAHA! U sound like a lot like ME!

    🙂 I’ve connected dial up before out of desperation too…LOL.

  2. Wow, church huh? Yeah maybe you DO have a problem! LOL! It’s my first week mingling and I look forward to visiting your blog again…

  3. We have wi-fi at church too and my husband and I always take our iTouches. We’re usually busy fellow-shipping or listening, but we’re always prepared just in case…

    I like the camera angle. Two suggestions to make it even better – if you want – more light on your face to eliminate shadows and have the camera nose level or above to make your nose look smaller and your eyes bigger.

    You seemed much more comfortable on camera this time than last time I watched you – that’s great.
    Happy Vlogging!

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