Yom Hashoah

Today is Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is an Israeli holiday but is observed by many everywhere. This is a day in which you remember the 6 million Jews and millions of others killed in the Holocaust. There are a few places to learn more including the Wikipedia and about.com. I recommend reading up on it because the history was very interesting (ok, I’m history nerd). There is also a good editorial in the Jerusalem Post. A question you may have reading this is, “I am not a Jew, I wasn’t part of WWII, why should I care?” Well, America and the church stood by while all of this happened. There were many postns at which someone could have effected the outcome. I am not just speaking of military options. I am speaking of the heart. When I think of the extermination of the Kurds or of the outrage in Darfur. What are we to do? These atrocities happened in Eastern Europe and nothing was really said. So what can we do to prevent this terror from being revisited bu anyone. I know that we as a church can support the efforts the US to introduce freedom into the Middle East. Just today I read about an effort to send school supplies to Afgan children. I know that there are missions going on in Darfur. These may seem like little things but if we mobilize it will speak to the world governments. It causes me to think about some of the points in Bono’s speech to the National Prayer Breakfast. I just ask everyone to reflect on the reason for the holiday and to think of our roles to prevent these tragedies from occuring again. Be grateful if you live in freedom and pray for all those that don’t.

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