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We all know that Fresno is the home to great produce but it has always seemed like all that produce is on a truck to a grocery store. I am sick of hearing from friends around the state and the nation how much fun they have had at the You-pick farms in their area while it seemed to not be an option for me!!! So I did a little research and found out that we have a few great You-Pick opportunities in the Fresno area! Not all of them are in Fresno proper but that shouldn’t be all that surprising;).

Rancho Notso Grande: They are open Tue-Sat 7am-7pm Right now they have blueberries & blackberries available. They charge $6.50/pound for what ever you get out the gate. There is no charge for anything you devour while you are picking. That is my kind of picking;). My great grandmother used to say the only picking that counts is what made it to the kitchen, all the rest is the fun. They grow 13 different type of berries. Nectarines will be ready in a couple of weeks and more fruits after that! Check their facebook page for updates and what is ripe!

J&K Farley Farms They charge 65 cents a pound!They open when fruit is ripe close when they are out of it! They expect to open back up in a couple of weeks for Peaches and mid-July a lot of fruit come in. Once mid-July hits they are open pretty much the rest of the season. They also have animals to pet, a picnic area to eat in and if you call ahead, a free tour. Their website doesn’t tell you when they open up you need to check their facebook page or get on their email list.

Dinuba blueberry Farm (Cross Streets Mt. View/rd 68, Dinuba , CA 93618. Phone:559-743-5943) Call for an appointment but most weekends they will be having a you pick day! They don’t have a website or a facebook page.

Genesis Organic Farms open in July for you pick pluots ($1/pound) and heirloom tomatoes($2/pound). They will post hours as we get closer.

Fresno State Organic Farm Market does a you pick program also. There wasn’t a lot of firm information other than it is usually about every other weekend (the 23rd being a pick weekend) and I was told that prices were “pretty cheap”. You need to call them for details.

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  1. J&K Farley Farms is really an awesome place to take the kids! We took our 4 kids there last fall, we were studing hunter/gathers, and we let them pick grapes, tomatoes, peaches, and even peppers. The petting zoo was free and so much fun!

    We also went to Rancho Notso Grande…it was late for berry season, so there wasn’t a lot to pick, and I thought it was a little pricey.

    Great post!

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