6 Items to Deal with Allergies at Home

filtrete allergies

I really do love living in Fresno! I also love the fact that we feed the world. But there is a down side to that. Things are always blooming and I am often sneezing! I have given a lot of thought and planning as how to deal with my allergies without relying on medicine alone. I already take a daily allergy pill so when my allergies are made worse by pollen, well leave it to say that taking another Claritin is just not going to do it.

There are three household tools you must have on hand to deal with your environment.

1. Filtrete air filters: Changing your air filters every 3 months is the first step towards battling your allergies at home! I don’t believe in cheap air filters and have use Filtrete’s filters for years. So I was stoked when they sent me a box! And while they did compensate me for this piece (with a box of filters), this opinion is totally mine!

Yes, you can get a cheaper filter but you really do get what you pay for in this arena. Cheap filters let a lot of dust and pollen through. And I love that they only have to be changed every 3 months. The less I have to be up in that dust laden area the better.

2. Vacuum Cleaner: A good vacuum cleaner is a necessity! We have a refurbished Dyson Animal Vacuum that does a phenomenal job. You need to make sure that it sucks up the dust and that you dump the can frequently.

Of course you need to vacuum your carpets to help with the dust but it goes beyond that. You can take your wand and go over both your couch and blinds to really clean out the air! You also should vacuum your vent cover before you change your air filter. It stops you from getting a face full of dust.

3. Corkscrew Microfiber Dusting Mitt: A great dusting mitt is key! The micro fiber grabs on to the dust so you aren’t just pushing it around. Since it is a mitt you can turn it inside out when you take it off to keep all the dust in until you are ready to shake it out or wash it.

Then there are three things you must have on hand to use on you in order to deal with your allergies at home.

4. Essential Oils: Ever since I began using essential oils topically my use of Sudafed has dramatically dropped. Rubbing a little eucalyptus and peppermint on my sinuses or placing some in a diffuser can help control watering eyes, sniffing and even sneezing. It also helps to stop my sinuses from getting all stuffed up! I even travel with them.

5. Neti Pot: Irrigating your sinuses may sound weird and uncomfortable but nothing beats it. I understand if it puts you off, it took years before I would do it. But I swear by it now! It keeps everything moving and really helps avoid sinus infections. It also just relieves stuffy sinuses and helps me sleep when things are bad.

6. Water: Yes, I said water. I know it sounds simple but it is essential. Water will thin any mucous but also will help you avoid headaches that allergies can bring on. It sounds silly but it is the most essential thing you need! Throw some peppermint leaves in it to give you a little zip and energy too;).

And there you have it. Six things to have on hand at home in order to combat your allergies!

(Disclosure: Filtrete did compensate me for this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. Make sure to connect with them over on their Facebook page and Twitter. #HealthierHome )

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