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I have been eye balling those fancy memory foam pillows ever since I got my memory foam mattress. So you can just imagine how excited I was when I received a Vitex Gel Memory Foam pillow to review from Nature’s Sleep.

Pillows are a weird element to sleep. We know that they a huge effect on the quality and restfulness of our sleep. But yet, at least for me, it seems we don’t know what kind of pillow really work for us. Neither do we seem really willing to invest in pillows and that comes back to our lack of faith or knowledge of what a great pillow might be for us. That is where I found myself.

I have always had a variety of $5 pillows. That is what I grew up with and what I was willing to pay for. And every one of my $5 pillows was always different and I was never happy. Then I started traveling more and to nicer hotels. That lead to trying some nicer pillows including some memory foam ones. But when I saw how much they were, well leave it to say that I had sticker shock.

Jump forward to me falling in love with my memory foam bed. I starting looking more seriously at getting memory foam pillows. One of my big concerns (other than the price) was the heat. Then I got my hands on the Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow.

To start with, this pillow is huge! Measuring at 22 inches long, I can share with the husband if we are both looking at a tablet together. So it is safe to say that 1 pillow is plenty! It is pleasantly firm. What do I mean by that? Your head just sinks in and then is held perfectly. But the kicker? The cooling gel insert!

As much as I like memory foam, it is a bit hot and with a pillow that means sweaty hair that sticks up. And that is if I can sleep through the night (I don’t sleep well hot). But the gel insert keeps you cool without freezing you out. And that is what sells this pillow! And we put it through its paces when it came to heat because we have used it through the hottest part of summer (we hit over 105 in Fresno).

In full disclosure I had a hard time sleeping on my side because I am short enough that I just can’t get comfortable that way. But on my back it is heaven. And my husband likes it even better than me. It is now his pillow, unless I steal it when he isn’t looking;).

So how would you like to win one?

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(Disclosure: I was given a Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow to compensate for this post. But all thoughts and opinions are mine.)

56 thoughts on “Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow Giveaway”

  1. The product I’d like best from Nature’s Sleep, would likely be the Memory Foam Pet Bed. We just got a dog, and I gravitate toward pet needs lately.

  2. So want one!!! Pillows are a huge mystery to me. I’ve spent 30 dollars on a “nicer” pillow only to have it go flat on me in a few months. I went back to 5$ pillows after that.

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to have one of their sleep toppers. However from their pillow line i’d probably try the Faux down pillow or ViscoLite Dual Pillow.

  4. We just got back for our cabin and that mattress is so bad! My back is always sore, but this weekend especially. I’d love anything from To help us sleep better – mattress, foam pad, or even a pillow!

  5. I have neck problems so the pillow could hopefully help me. The closed toed memory slippers also sound nice.

  6. I have scoliosis and am pregnant so the pillow would be great but Id really love a st. Lucia memory foam mattress.

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