A Guide to Shopping Portals

I love shopping portals! I have been a member of Ebates since 2000 (I am an early adopter;) but when I reccomend sites like this to friends they seem unsure how they work! So here is a basic step by step! Then sign up for all the sites!

Why use a shopping portal? Well, in the last 2 weeks I have shopped online at Crocs and booked airfare on Travelocity. I got back $2.80 on my bargain clearanc Crocs. I also got back almost $17 from my airfare on Travelocity! Just for clicking through a site!

How Shopping Portals Work:
1)Sign up with the site
2)Go to the portal
3)Put chosen store into search bar
4)Shop like normal, even using coupons on the sites. But make sure to use the same email that you signed up with
5)After your order ships you will receive a credit in your account
6)Once you hit the threshold they will send you a check or Paypal you!

Remember that the % back varies by shopping portal for each store. So sign you can sign up for more than one and compare. And Ebates has at least one store that has double cash back every day so always look! These are my 2 favorites and the ones I check and use all the time!

Shopping Portals:

 Ebates is the original shopping portal! This is the first one I ever belonged to and use it all the time! I love that they pay directly to Paypal!




ShopatHome.com is a little newer on the scene but has still been around a few years. The are very competitice in their rates and pay be check.

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