Meal Plan for the Week of 5/21

I have a super crazy week in front of me! NerdDad and I will be out a couple of nights and then I am traveling a couple of days. And I am trying to shove all my work into 3 days;). So I am make a sort of meal plan, it is lazy and we will see if it is going to kept;).

Monday: Mom & Dad have a date!!! So we will eat out and the kids will have hot dogs.
Tuesday: We are taking the kids to The Avengers (shh, don’t tell them;) and we will pick up dinner on the way home.
Wednesday: London Broil, broccoli, individual potato stacks
Thursday: Beef, broccoli and rice bowls (leftovers)
Friday: Brown rice and chicken casserole (premade in the freezer)

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