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Meal Plan for the Week of 8/27

Ok, fall is almost in full swing here. and I need to get back on the meal planning band wagon!!! I also am going to be posting more! They may not be complicated recipes but delicious!!!

Monday: Mom & Dad have a date night!!
Tuesday: Tri tip, rice, broccoli, spinach/blueberry salad
Wednesday: BBQ baked chicken thighs, fried potatoes, broccoli, Brazilian cheese rolls
Thursday: Chicken rice bowls with pinto beans and baked chicken breasts
Friday: Leftovers!

Meals for the week of July 23rd

I can’t believe that I only have a little over a week until I leave for New York to attend BlogHer!!! I am going to have a fairly busy week, as usual, and I need to prep the kitchen and freezer for my absence. So some of my planning will be fast food and super easy stuff;).

Monday: I have a meeting so NerdDad will pick something on the way home;).
Tuesday: Steak, Cheesy Potato Stacks
Wednesday: Homemade pizza
Thursday: Steak and Rice bowls
Friday: Baked Chicken with cheesy potato stacks, Brazilian cheese rolls and broccoli

Meals for the Week of 7/9

Bean and Rice Bowl

So how was everyone’s 4th? Ours was pretty calm and pretty fun! But now we must move on;). So this week is pretty chilled and I am going to try a little something new! What are you planning on eating this week?

Monday: Bean and rice bowls for the kids, date night
Tuesday: Baked chicken, cheesy potato stacks, broccoli
Wednesday: Pizza! Homemade gluten free and regular for the kids.
Thursday: Steak, Brazilian cheese rolls, broccoli
Friday: Chicken & rice bowls

Meal Plan for the Week of 5/28

So how are you all doing this week? Eating any really good food? I am coming off a crazy week and am really looking forward to cooking!!!

Monday: Steak and rice with broccoli
Tuesday: New York Strip Steak, scallop potato stacks, broccoli
Wednesday: BBQ chicken thighs, Mexican street corn, broccoli
Thursday: Corned beef, potatoes, broccoli
Friday: Chicken rice bowls with broccoli

Meal Plan for the Week of 5/21

I have a super crazy week in front of me! NerdDad and I will be out a couple of nights and then I am traveling a couple of days. And I am trying to shove all my work into 3 days;). So I am make a sort of meal plan, it is lazy and we will see if it is going to kept;).

Monday: Mom & Dad have a date!!! So we will eat out and the kids will have hot dogs.
Tuesday: We are taking the kids to The Avengers (shh, don’t tell them;) and we will pick up dinner on the way home.
Wednesday: London Broil, broccoli, individual potato stacks
Thursday: Beef, broccoli and rice bowls (leftovers)
Friday: Brown rice and chicken casserole (premade in the freezer)

Meal Plan for the Week of 5/7

So I had all these great plans last week with new recipes to try. Well, plans don’t count for a whole lot when you come down with a touch of bronchitis and pneumonia in one lung;). Now I am about 48 hours into my antibiotics, still feel crummy but not as crummy. So I am going to try this crazy plan thing again;). What are you and yours eating this week?

Monday: shredded chicken thighs in rice with broccoli
Tuesday:  A version of thisbaked potato crockpot soup. (there will be bacon!)
Wednesday: Steak, a version of these Parmesan scalloped potatoes, broccoli
Thursday: Corned Beef, broccoli,Brazilian cheese rolls
Friday: Leftovers