A Little About My Mother’s Day

I am always torn about Mother’s Day. Of course, I want the big fancy Mother’s Day but in reality I think it is kind of dumb.

Did you know that Mother’s Day is supposedly the biggest restaurant day of the year? So is it a shock that I don’t want to go out with my 4 kids to crowded restaurant?

Then you get to all the super expensive gifts like spa trips, diamonds and more. Well, it is still my money too!!! If I won’t spend it on that every other day of the year why would I want NerdDad to spend it for Mother’s Day? All that said…

I am a spoiled girl! First off NerdDad got all the kids up and dressed for church. But I am super blessed because he usually does that;). Then when we got to church the boys got me this pretty corsage! The Fresno-Madera Right to Life sells them every year at church as a fundraiser and this is the first time one has been given to me! Isn’t it sweet?

After that we had a wonderfully layed back day! Fast food after church and then a delightful nap! I also got some gifts! I got my first coupon book from a kid! NerdPie gave me a wonderful collection of coupons for things like playroom cleanings, helping with her siblings and help cooking. I love the fact she gave me a coupon saying she would “help” with her older brother.  NerdBug gave me a coupon for dinner but I am not sure what his plan is;). NerdDad got me a collection of movies with Hello Dolly, Pride & Prejudice, Annie and a few more.  Then NerdDad made spaghetti for dinner and we started watching Hello Dolly!

Over all it was a wonderful and simple Mother’s Day!

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  1. That sounds nice. I hate going out on Mother’s Day too. After working in restaurants and I never go out on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

  2. ROFL!!! I can totally understand about not wanting to go to an overpacked restaurant on Mother’s Day. I have 5 kids, and we have tried that route before…anyway, I’m glad you had a wonderful mother’s day! 🙂

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