An Educational Mother’s Day

Ok, so one of the big benifits of public school for parents are the gifts and holiday training. We moms don’t want to tell our children how important we are and how they should make us stuff or give us gifts. How about we take a different tact (or Dad can just teach this unit;)? Let’s look at this holiday as a historical event, a learning occasion and an event to celebrate our mothers (kids are smart, they will get the hint;). I have found a collection of resources to help with this endeavor. Mother’s Day on the Net has the history of Mother’s Day. Wilstar has a great list of verses on what the Bible says about mothers. For a little learning fun, Kids Domain has a list of printables including mazes, word searches and crosswords on the bottom of the page. Now onto creative fun. Crayola has a list of crafts, “lesson plans” (their term) and activity pages. Enchanted Learning has some great craft projects and fantastic pop up cards with instructions. I hope you all enjoy Mother’s Day and tell a mom you love her!

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