And We Have Hair Do’s!!!!

You know how there are some little girls that look so cute on Sunday (or any) mornings? Their hair is perfectly done with just the cutest styles? Well, I missed the mommy gene that gives me the natural ability to do my little girls’ hair. Frankly, I really can’t do my own;). I was afraid that it would take for ever and would just lead to huge fights but I was tired of them always looking like little ragamuffins.

So you can imagine how excited I was to find a website that could walk me through step by step a cute hairstyle for my girls! Babes in Hairland had this cute up do so I collected my water bottle, comb, and rubber bands and then set to it!

As you can tell, I did both of them basically the same. It isn’t quite a cute as the website’s but the girls’ are cute so that works. It is also so much better than how their hair is normally done;). I have yet to try any of their other hairstyles (like even a French Braid) but I am going to bask in this one just a little longer! It is the little things, right?

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  1. Oh that is some super cute hair!!! My daughters have barely enough hair for pig tails at the moment but I will have to bookmark this site for when they do finally have longer hair.

  2. Very cute! My problem is that my girls have inherited my ultra-fine hair that is ridiculously hard to style. When we were getting ready for my junior prom, my friends & I splurged on up-do's at the local salon. The original stylist had so much trouble trying to put my hair up that she had to trade places with the most veteran stylist working that day. And even that lady had difficulty with my hair!

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