Another Snapshot, the NerdPie

So as promised here is a further look into the kooky chaos of our lives. Last week I took my potty training NerdPie (2 1/2) potty before naptime. I was very please that her Pullup was still dry and I told her to tinkle (yes, that is what we call it;). So she stands facing the potty chair. I ask her what she is doing and she delares that she is now “big”. Since that wasn’t an answer that had anything to do with the question I asked again. She maintains that she is big like her brother. It clicks, I ask if she thinks she is going to tinkle standing up. She says yes and I say no. She is very insistant that she is bit and I state that I sit when I tinkle and that all girls have tosit because we have different private parts. She says once again that she is big. I then say that I am bigger than brother. It finally clicks and she sits down to pee. Next snapsot…the NerdBug.

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