Big Church, Little Church

There is a discussion on church size going on over at Shlog. There was concern that his group wasn’t growing and then the discussion was also about big and small churches. I think that there is a place for both large and small churches. If you have a church that is small but you all have the same needs (ie they can all get met) I think a small church is great. I go to a very large(in my opinion) church. New Covenant has about 1500 attenders but we meet a diverse group of needs. When the NerdFamily moved back to Fresno we looked at a great church of less than 100. It just didn’t meet our family’s needs. I go to a midweek during the day Bible Study(with free childcare for my 3 little ones), we have gotten meals from the Meals for Moms program, taken a Growing Kids God’s Way Class, attend a couple’s Sunday school and my oldest goes to Awana and VBS. We couldn’t have gotten that variety of things from a smaller church. Between the women’s Bible study and Sunday school class we have a small group. The Women’s Bible study is a diverse group of women and the Couple’s Sunday School is a small group(maybe 6 couples) of people that are in the same place in life. It is evident that we are in the same place because we had 7 babies with in 1 year;). We also have a care pastor(who rocks), Pastor Mike, that came to the hospital before my last nerdling was born and a care team that will pray for you. Since the church is so large we have a lot of talented people, as a result we have killer worship provided by Pastor Pat. We have a brilliant head pastor, Pastor Jan(it has dots over the a but I don’t know how to do that;). He taught a great class on Thomas Aquinas that we loved. The reality is only a small percentage of people are interested in that kind of stuff so with a large church we could yield a class. If we had found a small church that could have met all these needs we would have gone there but we haven’t and now we love it.

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