Parent Issues and TV

Ok, I watch this show called Starting Over. It is kind of a reality show/ soap opera all based on women’s lives. These women move into a house to deal with issues in their lives so they can lead better, happier, functioning lives. There is a lot of counseling, life coaching, etc. It is like nails on a chalkboard for NerdDad. Now that the kids are napping I am watching today’s episode on TIVO(gotta love it). The shrink on the show, Dr. Stan, has said something I have never heard about parents before. You know how everyone always says, “they did the best they could” so you can’t blame anyone? He pointed out that parents don’t always do the “best they could”. That sometimes they make parent centered decision instead of the child-centered decisions. And now I am quoting, “We as children always want to somehow forgive our parents without confronting the issues.” He goes onto say that sometimes those decisions are mistakes and we can forgive for that. I just find that refreshing.

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