Tour the World for Free!

I recently was turned onto the free online tours on the Internet. Living in California my options for fieldtrips are somewhat limited. I can drive for hours and still be in the state and that is not taking into count the expense. Having children of different ages and interests also can present a problem. Well, I did a little research and found some great tours. Since Nerdbug is into the “West Wing” Show the White House Historical tour is something that interests him. This is filled with photos and facts. The Vatican has a great Virtual tour that goes through differents exhibits you can choose from. You can even stop and focus on things. The E-one factory tour is cool becasue they make fire engines (they charge $8/adult and $6/kid in person). The Southern Ca Edison San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station plant tour is cool because instead of a “tour” they have flow charts showing all the components working together. As someone who did the Stanford Linear Accelerator tour in high school, the only real helpful thing I saw were the diagrams showing how it all worked together. This is great for older kids who are in science or even just learning logic and flow. I have to say that this once again reaffirms my position that the Internet is the number one resource for my homschooling(and its free;).

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