Book Review: Before I Wake

Before I officially begin this review I have a confession, I have never read a Dee Henderson book I didn’t like. Before I Wake this trend going. This thriller kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole book. If you like CSI (or any forensic show), detailed plots with great twist or just books with people of faith and the real world issues they deal with this is a book you must read. A former FBI agent, Rae Gabriella, has her own issues and past to deal with. In an effort to move on she becomes a private investigator with an old flame in what seems to be a quiet town. She is not prepared for her first case in this new town.
This novel kept be very engaged through beginning to end. It was intelligently written, with great thought to plot detail. My only complaint is that it ended a bit abruptly but, hopefully that spells a series. This book seemed a little less relationship heavy than some of the O’Malley series, which in some ways is a definate plus. I think my husband will enjoy it even more. But, that does leave you wondering a little more about the resolutions of personal relationships. Though, once again that could just be due to a sequel on the horizon (I am hoping). I would give this a 4 out of 5. If I knew that there was going to be more books, I could easily give it a five. I am reviewing this book for Active Christian Media.

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