Cash Cab

Ok, the Nerd Family has a new show. It is on Discovery Channel and is Cash Cab. We Nerd Parents love it because it has many rapid fire quiz questions (we love to compete with each other;) but what we didn’t forsee is how much the kids would love it. The premise of the show is a cab driving around New York. He picks up people and they can answer questions all the way to their destination and earn money. But, (and there is always a but, isn’t there) if you get 3 questions wrong you are kicked out.
Now, one of the reasons I find my children’s enjoyment so scary is the actual point they enjoy. NerdBug loves it when the contestants get questions wrong and both of the older ones laugh very loudly when they are kicked out. But, the part I love is hearing the 2 older ones “playing” Cash Cab. NerdBug always acts as the driver and the NerdPie is the passenger. NerdPie will get in and be “schocked” that it is a gameshow. NerdBug will actually quiz her on things she knows. Everything from Bible Trivia to counting to tv trivia. Occasionally she gets kicked out. When NerdDad and I heard them doing this the first couple of times we just stood in the kitchen and laughed. It is so stinkin cute!

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