Dixie Chicks- Blacklisted or Just Consequences?

So recently I saw the video for the Dixie Chicks new single “Not Ready to Make Nice” and man can I say the message was very clear. They are still ticked over the back lash of Natalie Maine’s comments about Bush. Off topic, She reminded me of Lizzie Borden at one point in the video, in the victorian dress with black ribbon coming out of her hands, but anyway. To me the message of all “you Bush lovers suck” and “we just stated our views” was very evident. Then I am reading Mark Lee’s (of 3rd Day) blog and he was a little upset that country radio stations aren’t playing the Dixie Chicks new material.

But oh no. It’s not going to be played. Not today. Not ever. Why? Because they spoke their mind. Do I agree with them? No. But that’s way beside the point. The way they’re being treated is downright wrong. Let’s all hop in a time machine and go back to the 1950’s and relive the glory days of McCarthy and cronyism and blacklists. Good job country radio!

First, let me just say that I respect Mark Lee and we just have a difference of opinion. So know one read any more than that into this post. Second, let me say that I don’t believe in corporate boycotting but let us look beyond that.
So one issue here is the radio issue. Most of the people I see talking about this preface their opinion with “I don’t listen to country radio”. Well, then country radio probably doesn’t take your opinion into consideration. I know that around here people called into stations to get the Dixie Chicks pulled from rotation and radio stations are about keeping their listening audience. Have country listeners changed their minds? Well, I think it is hard to tell. A lot of the people who don’t listen to country radio all say that they are buying a copy and the Dixie Chicks are a big crossover artist onto other charts and are played on VH1. I think country radio stations are just playing it safe. If their listeners want it they will request it.
As far as the complaints that their music is being judged by their feelings. Well, there is so much to say I will try to keep it limited. Natalie Maine said this from the stage at a concert. Why are we expected so seperate the music from their words? I think Mark Lee is a little naive if he thinks his stated views doesn’t effect the audience of Third Day. If that was the case how effective would the worship be at a Third Day concert be? Also it is very clear that one influences the other. This isn’t like acting, where some crazy actor is reading someone else’s words. The creation of music is personal and that is one of the reasons it is so personal to the listener and can even influence a relationship with Christ. Is my choosing to support only certain artist wrong? If so, since I enjoy pictures should I be expected to buy Playboy? I am sure that they have wonderful photographers and a quality product. But in reality I don’t respect the MESSAGE of the product and that counts as much as the QUALITY. That is why all the quality collaborators on the new Dixie Chicks album, Taking The Long Way, doesn’t compell me to buy it. Well, I suppose that was more than my 2 cents but in for a penny, in for a pound;).

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