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I have been blessed to once again host the Christian Carnival. We have received many great entries. Please read them all and let the authors know how you feel!

In the current events/media area there are some interesting posts. The Sun and Shield’s entry for this week is “Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon, is an agnostic,” and Martin documents this by quoting from Paolini’s work. Paolini wrote Eragon, which will be released as a movie on December 15th, when he was a teenager. He is not suggesting that Christians shouldn’t see the movie, or read Paolini’s books, just reporting. AllThings2All is offering Review: The Nativity Story. Go check it out before you go to the movies. Gena over at Home Where They Belong has a post about Homeschooling in Germany. Tidbits and Treasures offers Pastor Reaches out tho the ‘unchurched’. It is about a young pastor goes after those that have a hunger that has not been filled.

In this carnival we have a few philosophical posts. They primarily deal with the opposition to Christianity. Welcome to the Fallout presents No Further Questions. This discusses how secular critiques of the doctrine of divine punishment close court before they ever get started. Thinking Christian offers Talking Past Each Other? It deals with philisophical arguements dealing with God and how we should have them. The Romans 15:4 Project has a great post on Science Points to God! Resources are even included. Matt Jones at Random Acts of Verbage announces Letters of Faith Through th Seasons.

Veracity-The Way has a great post, Keeping Light in the Darkness, that teaches the importance of Channukah beyond the miracle of the oil. Just to remind everyone, Channukah begins December 15th!

Thursday’s Child
has a thoughtful piece on Communion. Nancy at What I Learned Teaching Sunday School has a scriptural discussion on God’s Views on Marriage and Divorce. Chasing the Wind has an interesting post, Seizing New Opportunities. It is about a study of the book of Ezra chapter 1-3 shows how God can use unbelievers in order to faithfully fulfill His promises, and He sometimes answer prayers in unexpected ways. Parableman offers up Explanations for Evil, Part II. This continues a series on the problem of evil, this time looking at why God wouldn’t just restore things to their final, perfect state much earlier than has happened. Strategic Christian gives us Sure-Fire Guaranteed Success! Tom tell us, “Yes, you too can be a guaranteed success! Just follow this proven, can’t-fail formula, and your dreams and goals are just waiting for you! Well, that sounds cheap–not something you’d expect about being a Christian with impact on the world, is it? Amazingly, though, in terms that are (ahem) a bit less breathless, there’s a promise just like this in the Bible. You can be guaranteed effectiveness, fruitfulness, never stumbling, and a rich entrance into the eternal kingdom of God.” Every Square Inch offers us Spurgeon on Choosing Your Occupation. Charles Spurgeon offers timeless advice on faith, work and the choice of one’s occupation. Whether you’re a college student embarking on your career or a 45 year old executive in the midst of a midlife career change, these are truths worth remembering. This week at Light Along the Journey John explores the relationship between faith and fullness, emptiness and hope in the post Of Fullness & Faith. Everyday Liturgy offers a very interesting post with A Gendered View of God. Participatory Bible Study Blog offers us The Camp and the Cloud. As an example of finding spiritual applications in Bible stories he looks at the importance of focusing on God’s presence as illustrated in the movement of the cloud and fire of God’s presence as it guides the Israelites in camping and moving. If you’ve ever spent time waiting for that paycheck to come in, perhaps you can relate to what rev-ed is writing about in the post, Payday, at Attention Span. What does it take to achieve fulfillment of your life’s purpose? Alex Jordan of Jordan’s View addresses this theme in his latest post, On Fulfillment. Recognizing God’s sovereignty over life and His omnipotence in bringing His purposes to pass (an emphasis found in Reformed theology) may help us remember that life is not about mere self-actualization, but about living in such a way that we bring glory to God.

Thanks for joining me and please submit an article for next week at BlogCarnival
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