Pregnancy Carnival

Welcome to the December 15, 2006 edition of carnival of pregnancy. My apologizes that there is once again a thrown together carnival. There has been a death in the family so at least I got it up!

Lisa Mitchell presents Common Cures for Morning Sickness posted at Let’s Talk Babies.

Kate Baggott presents Eureka! Protection Ingredient of Breast Milk Identified posted at Babylune, saying, “They aren’t lipids and they aren’t proteins. In fact, your baby can’t even digest them. Still, they will help prevent infections and viruses from taking hold in your new born baby’s system. The only place to find them is in your breast milk.”

Fun Facts Other

Julie Heath – More4kids Inc. presents Healthy Eating for Pregnant Women posted at Julie Heath – More4kids Inc..

Erik Halvorssen presents Order- Part 1: Clutter posted at A Guide to Rasing Great Kids.

Laurie presents Health Benefits of Breastfeeding posted at Home Natural Remedies.

Julie Heath – More4kids Inc. presents Changes In The First Month Of Pregnancy posted at Julie Heath – More4kids Inc., saying, “oops, got my timezones mixed up. Hope you can still take this, if not please put in the following carnival. Thankyou. Julie”

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